The Importance of an Insurance Check-up

An insurance check-up should be done annually in Murrysville, PA and surrounding areas, but it is usually one of those tasks that get pushed back and you end up forgetting about it. It is always a good idea to have these done because you could get getting money off of your premium. If you are doing upgrades or repairs to your home you may be eligible to qualify for a discount on your insurance.


When getting your insurance check-up a good thing to ask about is sump pump failure and sewage problem riders. These problems tend to occur dreary weather, which is very common in Lawrenceville, PA and the surrounding areas. The extra coverage comes at a minimal cost and can save you a lot of money in the long run if or when a problem occurs.


When you are deciding whether or not to find out you have all of the coverage you need there are several ways to go about it. You can either read over your policy and then call your agent to go over everything with you or you can just call them and ask them to go over it with you. You should be doing this if you have recently had a major life change. Some of these major life changes are, getting married or divorced, had a baby, a teenager with a new driver license, extensive home renovations, and many others.


The reason these are so important is because adding these on or updating your info could potentially save you money and also help you in the event of a major disaster. If you remodeled your entire first floor but never called your insurance agent and then have a supply line break from your dishwasher, you may not be fully covered because you are considerably under insured. These are the things you do not think about but are extremely common.


If you have recently moved into an apartment or home that you are renting, you need to be sure that you have renter insurance. This is important because the landlord is only insured for the building itself, not your possessions inside your apartment. Renters insurance is very affordable and will save you money in the long run if something were to happen to your home.


Lastly allow your insurance agent to explain other policies that might better for your needs. This is an important part of the process because you do not know all of the policies offered and what they do. They may be able to help save you money versus you just not wanting to hear what they have to say and keeping everything just about the same and just adding your additional riders.


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