Spring Cleaning proper storage boxes


When doing your spring cleaning be sure to switch from cardboard boxes to plastic storage bins so that your precious family heirlooms stay safe! This is extremely important if you wish to have your keepsakes for a long time to come.


You want to resist the cheap semi durable option of cardboard for several reasons:

  • If the flooring of your storage unit is concrete or wooden slats the bottom of your boxes could potentially be ripped to shreds.
  • If the concrete is not sealed moisture will seep into the cardboard and turn the bottom of the boxes into mush.
  • If you are keeping your boxes in a climate controlled room then you may be ok, however even that can be an issue long term. Also, not many people keep their stored belongings in a climate controlled room.


The truth of the matter is when you want to store your belongings long term, plastic is the way to go.

You want to go this route because many of the storage units you will be using are not climate controlled. Also in the case of plastic you are able to keep them in your basement without the worry of whether or not they will still be together when you go to get them. You are also able to continuously reuse the plastic bins, so they may be a little bit more expensive but in the long run when you want to keep your heirlooms the safest, plastic is the way to go. A final word on this, be certain the plastic container has a tight and right fitting lid to keep any humidity or moisture OUT!


So remember to take your time and put the effort into picking the right storage bins. You want to make sure that when you come back to these precious items that they are just the way you left them.

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