Prevent Water Damage to Roof and Foundation

Fall is a season for gutter cleaning! Leaves, debris, and dirt build up will clog downspouts.  If they are not cleared and downspouts cleaned, this will lead to water damaging the roof and fascia.  Water leaks from gutters can end up next to your foundation causing water damage in your basement. 

To clean your gutters you can do it yourself or hire a company to do it for you.  If you choose to do it yourself there are a few simple rules to follow for safety.  NEVER clean your gutters from the roof.  Use a ladder that gives you adequate reach without fear of falling.  Use two separate buckets one for your tools and one for debris.  Begin close to the downspouts clearing all debris.  Using an outdoor hose, test the downspout to give certainty water runs freely.  Clear rest of gutters, using hose to test for leaks.

If you have leaks in your gutter, they may be in need of repair at the seams.  If there is standing water after you have flushed the gutter, the slope maybe off.  To remedy these issues, check out your local hardware supply store for supplies and instruction or view some DIY videos on Youtube.

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